100 VQS

Discover the #1 Secret Weapon to Help Your PSLE Child Get that AL1 in Math (and Achieve a Breakthrough from the AL4 or AL5 that He or She usually gets)
Does Your Child Fit Into Any of the Following?
  • My Child is good in Math but constantly performing under potential
  • My Child has reached a plateau in Math grades stopping at AL4 or AL5
  • My Child is striving for an AL1but lacks the visual skills and awareness, and needs more exposure and practice
  If the answer is YES, that's great! But before we continue, honestly, what does an AL1 mean for Your Child? An AL1 means your child can get into a school of his or her choice.   Getting an additional 3 to 5 points for Math might mean the difference between going to a good school and going to a GREAT SCHOOL.   Or it might mean the difference between the O level program, the Integrated Programme or even joining an IB School.   At Neuromath, we believe in leveling the playing field for all students, especially if it is your child who works hard for the AL1 grades at the exams.   We believe that your child should get the marks he or she truly deserves.   The Marks Your Child TRULY Deserves!   What if your child is ready to receive the instruction, coaching and exposure necessary to handle the Top 20% of every PSLE Math Exam?   Getting the extra 5, 10 or even 20 marks will make a big impact on your child's PSLE Scores and secondary school eligibility. Not to mention a BIG BOOST in Self Confidence!   At Neuromath, we have been delivering beyond academics since 2002. Here are some of our most notable accomplishments:
  • Proven system - hundreds of students have achieved AL1 in Math working with Neuromath and from this collection of 100 Challenging Visual Questions.
  • Helped over 10,000 students achieve AL4 and better (many of them started out with a score of AL6 and below) and for some months before PSLE
  • Proprietary Curriculum Designto teach Next Generation Math Skillsets for Primary 1 and 2 in the PRIME Programme
  • Developer of the revolutionary TruFocus system designed to reduce and possibly eliminate careless mistakes in Math and Under Performance due to exam anxiety.
  • Oh, did we mention thousands of happy students who love Math and excel in it because they can finally "SEE" the concepts and solutions?

Even Top Students Lose Precious Marks in Visual Questions!