P3 & P4 Essential Model Drawing Skills Workshop – Module 2


Mode: Online LIVE

Date: 30 & 31 May
Time: 10.30AM - 1.30PM
Duration: 3 hours x 2 days


Is your child facing difficulties in solving word problems? Being well equipped with the right Math strategy could overcome his/her fear and unravel the secrets to solving the most challenging questions.

Model Drawing has proven to be a powerful tool that provides students a concrete, visual context to understand abstract word problems better. Students could solve problems more effectively in a structured approach that makes sense to them.

This workshop enhances students' problem-solving skills, allow them to think deeply and appreciate model drawing approach. Start your child early in mastering model drawing for it will come in handy at upper primary level where problems sums become increasingly complex.

Learning Objectives

‘Students will be able to:

– Gain a better insight of various math concepts in P4 Must Know word problems.

– Boost confidence and success to problem solving using model drawing approach.

– Better prepared in solving advanced concepts at upper primary.

This workshop is recommended for all P3 & P4 students who want to have the cutting edge and score that additional 10 to 20 marks in school assessments.


– Visualising mathematical problems: Students will learn how to use drawings and diagrams to visualise mathematical problems and see the relationships between different elements.

– Spatial reasoning: Students will develop their spatial reasoning skills by learning how to manipulate and transform two-dimensional drawings to better understand real-life objects and relationships.

– Problem-solving: Through model drawing, students will learn how to use visual and spatial reasoning to solve mathematical problems and make connections between different concepts.

– Communication: Students will also learn how to use drawings and diagrams to effectively communicate their understanding of mathematical concepts to others.-