P4 SBB Power Boost Workshop


Mode: Centre-based or Online LIVE

Date:  5, 6 Sept
Time: 10.30AM - 1.30PM
Duration: 3 hours x 2 days


Approach Subject-based Banding exams in P4 with confidence. Many parents are worried if their child will be ready for the SBB exam which is coming soon. They are worried that their child will end up having to take Foundation Math in P5. Our SBB Power Boost Workshop give parents the assurance and build confidence and a strong foundation for their child to excel in P5 Standard Math next year.

Revision of Must Know concepts and exposure to Higher Order Thinking Problems in Major Topics covered in MOE P4 Syllabus

- Whole Numbers
- Fractions
- Decimals
- Area and Perimeter
- Geometry
- Heuristics & Model Drawing

Learning Objectives

Students Will Be Able To:

– Identify pattern and logic of “Must-know” and Higher Order Thinking concepts and problems
– Understand and apply appropriate strategies to solve problems.
– Exam management techniques
– Identify key areas your P4 child needs attention on for SA2
– Common Mistakes to Avoid (save 10-20 marks here!!!)
– How to translate keywords into workable models to help them solve the problem sums. (most difficult part for most students)

This workshop is highly recommended for P4 students who are gearing up to tackle the challenges of Subject-Based Banding (SBB) exams with unwavering confidence. If you’re a parent concerned about your child’s readiness for the upcoming SBB exam, our SBB Power Boost Workshop is tailored to address these concerns. Through a comprehensive revision of essential concepts and exposure to Higher Order Thinking Problems, this workshop builds a strong foundation, instills confidence, and equips students to excel in P5 Standard Math.


1. Personalised Instruction: The programme offers students the opportunity to receive individualised guidance and support as they work through their revision.

2. Comprehensive Study Materials: Students will receive detailed materials that reinforce the key concepts covered in class.

3. Practical Exercises with Solutions: The programme includes a variety of classwork exercises, with solutions and model answers explained to help students understand the topics covered more effectively.

4. Feedback: Upon completion of the workshop, students will receive Teacher’s review of child’s learning and performance that will aid the child’s learning journey afterwards.