P6 Math Workshop – The Final Boost


Mode: Centre-based or Online LIVE

Date:  5, 6, 7 Sept
Time: 10.30AM - 1.30PM
Duration: 3 hours x 3 days


September School Holidays - This is the critical phase of the race!

The toughest part of the race is the last lap when the end is in sight. We have witnessed how heightened stress levels can cause students to under-perform during exams, wasting the years of hard work and preparation. With just weeks to PSLE, there are multiple subjects to prepare and within each subject, many topics to revise. WHAT SHOULD YOUR CHILD FOCUS ON?

We have put together a 3-Day PSLE Math Workshop - The Final Boost aims to revisit important topics and concepts commonly tested in PSLE Math to ensure the P6 students be confidently prepared for the final showdown!

Learning Objectives

Students Will Be Able To:

– Strengthen students’ conceptual understanding of core visual topics in PSLE
– Cover common mistakes to avoid + Non-routine heuristics and higher order thinking questions
– Teach proven techniques to solve complex visual questions with ease
– Show students that solutions to complicated visual problems can be short and simple, saving them time during the PSLE

The PSLE – The Final Boost workshop is recommended for all P6 students, who are seeking a boost in their PSLE preparation by realigning their thinking processes and concepts in solving Visual Math Problems. Empower your child with the skills and confidence to ace their Math exams, regardless of the types of questions being tested.


1. Personalised Instruction: The programme offers students the opportunity to receive individualised guidance and support as they work through their revision.

2. Comprehensive Study Materials: Students will receive detailed materials that reinforce the key concepts covered in class.

3. Practical Exercises with Solutions: The programme includes a variety of classwork exercises, with solutions and model answers explained to help students understand the topics covered more effectively.

4. Feedback: Upon completion of the workshop, students will receive Teacher’s review of child’s learning and performance that will aid the child’s learning journey afterwards.