P6 PSLE Intensive Revision (PIR) Workshop – Module 2


Mode: Online LIVE

Date: 11, 12 & 13 Jun
Time: 10.30AM - 1.30PM
Duration: 3 hours x 3 days


Visual topics (such as Geometry, Area and Perimeter, Volume etc) takes up a weightage of about 40% in the Math PSLE paper. However, for many students, beyond memorising the formulae involved, they are not equipped with the skills to apply the concepts learned to solve complicated visual problems in Math Exams. Even for Math achievers who are usually able to solve challenging word problems related to other topics, visual problems can be daunting and a cause of worry for them.

Do not leave your child to the mercy of challenging visual word problems during Math exams.

Equip them with the skills and confidence to ace their Math exams, regardless of the types of questions being tested.

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to strengthen their conceptual understanding in Visual topics such as

– Geometry
– Area and Perimeter
– Angles
– Volume

Highly recommended for All P6 students including Neuromath students who want to have the boost in their preparation for PSLE by realigning their thinking processes and concepts in solving Visual Math Problems


– Strengthen your child’s conceptual understanding in the core visual topics in PSLE.

– Help your child associate objects that he/she is already familiar with.

– Impart proven techniques needed to solve complex visual questions with ease.

– Allow your child to save time in PSLE by showing him/her that solutions to complicated visual questions can actually be short and simple.