P1 & P2 P.R.I.M.E. Workshop


Mode: Online LIVE

Date: 28, 29, 30 May
Time: 10.30AM - 12.30PM
Duration: 2 hours x 3 days


Empowering your child with essential learning skills is the key to ensuring a smooth transition into lower primary and laying the groundwork for success not only in mathematics but also in other subjects.

That's why it's crucial for P1/2 students to develop core math skills like logical deduction. This empowers your child to grasp concepts through understanding rather than mere memorization. By doing so, they can effectively make sense of teachers' explanations, tackle problem-solving with confidence, and confidently apply addition and subtraction techniques, ensuring they stay ahead and thrive in the dynamic learning environment at school.

Give your child the advantage they deserve in their educational journey!

Learning Objectives

‘Students will be able to:

– Increase their Logical Deduction and Reasoning skills, allowing them to analyze information, and make informed decisions.

– Understand mathematical problems and find solutions.

Highly recommended for all P1 and P2 students who wants to build a strong foundation for solving word problems through developing their thinking skills.


– Engaging lessons through purposeful play: Interactive and entertaining activities to make learning enjoyable

– Thinking skills development: A focus on improving skills such as critical Thinking, analysis, and evaluation to effectively solve problems.

– Confidence building: Providing students with challenging experiences to increase self-assurance and build A strong foundation in problem solving.

– strong foundation for problem solving: Laying the groundwork for success in navigating complex problems in both academic and real-life situations.