For those who want to elevate academic performances in school
Academic Excellence Program

Lower Primary School

Nurture passion for learning and laying a strong foundation in problem solving for Math Excellence in Upper Primary

Our Lower Primary Curriculum is designed to help students build a strong foundation in Heuristics, Model Drawing, Logic Reasoning, Visual Skills and Pattern Observation, necessary to excel in Upper Primary. They are challenged with application questions to exercise critical thinking skill and promote creativity. Investigative tasks are carefully designed based on the Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract approach to help them learn math in a supportive, meaningful way. To reinforce the concepts and strategies learnt, ample written practices are assigned.

Upper Primary School

Master essential contents and competencies to achieve excellence in PSLE with positive learning attitudes and effective exam management techniques.

Our Upper Primary Curriculum is designed to equip students with the essential problem-solving strategies to handle challenging and complex Math questions and most importantly, be well prepared for PSLE. Problem-solving strategies are taught in an effective and yet easy to grasp approach so that children learn through understanding and not memorising. We conduct analysis of questions, paying attention to the new trends and common challenges faced by students. We expose students to simulation exam questions to give an idea of how they would be tested, and to develop effective exam techniques such as strategies in avoiding common misconceptions and mistakes necessary to scoring the marks they truly deserves.

Center-based and online lessons offered for all levels

Secondary School

Get the right concept and competency to tackle the Secondary school curriculum. Develop the right cognitive skills for understanding concepts, analysing questions and crafting precise answers while building critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Our Secondary Program is designed to help students excel in the Singapore – Cambridge GCE O-Level, Integrated Program (IP). Our curriculum focuses on strengthening students’ fundamental math concepts and skills that are prerequisites to solving real- life application questions. With a deeper understanding of the underlying concepts, students are capable to apply our simple yet effective techniques and shortcuts to handle a variety of challenging problems.

We perform extensive research on the latest trend of exam questions, with great emphasis in developing a rich curriculum that draws out the common challenges faced by students and provides opportunity to discuss and correct common mistakes and misconceptions. Real life problems are also used to enhance their appreciation towards math and its application in different contexts.

Junior College

Make the best preparation for the 'A' Level examination and be exposed to relevant and latest trend questions whilst honing the right competency and Cognitive skills to achieve excellence in 'A' level.

Our Junior College H2 Math Program is designed to help students transition from Secondary to Junior College (JC) level with ease. Our aim is to help students who are moving on to Year 5 Integrated Program (IP) or JC1 to ace their Mathematics through our lessons that has been crafted to provide a structured flow of lessons that reflect the topics in school curriculum and honing the right exam techniques to achieve ‘A’ level excellence.

Our lessons cover the basic skills and concepts required for students to successfully move on to the next level in JC. Students’ mastery of topics will be gauged through rigorous activities and exposure to exam-based questions.

Our worksheets have been meticulously modelled to improve students’ critical-thinking skills to train students to handle real-life application questions in ‘A’ level.

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