Ryan and Isabelle
Yu Ninn
Gina, Mother of Yun Ninn
Diana, Mother of Giselle
Lynette, Mother of Aiden

I believe that one needs to enjoy a subject to really do well in it.

I am glad that after joining Neuromath, Aiden has learned to enjoy Mathematics. The small class size at Neuromath also allows for more attention from the teacher to each child. As most of the teachers at Neuromath were former school teachers, they follow very closely to the school’s syllabus.

These factors have greatly contributed to Aiden’s improvement in his grades.

Both of my children attend Neuromath, and I think it really works for them.

I will certainly recommend Neuromath to other parents!

Dr & Mrs Loi Kuan Loong, Parents of Jolene Loi
Formerly from Nanyang Primary School

After joining Neuromath in P5, Jolene had made steady progress.

Neuromath’s methods enabled her to better understand and solve the questions. She is now better at visualizing 3-dimentional and visual questions. She was more confident and calmer and in fact enjoyed attempting challenging questions and deriving satisfaction at being able to solve them. In fact, she was very confident after her PSLE math paper, and this confidence has helped her greatly towards her remaining papers.

We are extremely grateful to the Neuromath team for helping Jolene to achieve success from Band 2 to an A* for her PSLE. Neuromath’s teaching methods, illustrations, patience and understanding have helped Jolene grasp this rather abstract subject.

A satisfied parent, Child previously from CHIJ (Toa Payoh)

My daughter has always found Math difficult, and when she first joined Neuromath lessons, she was performing very poorly. She lacked confidence in her abilities and did not believe that she could improve much, given her weak foundation, track record and the short time left to the exams. However, she found Neuromath PSLE Intensive Revision course interesting and helpful, and Neuromath’s creative teaching methods helped her see the Math problems differently. Despite being able to handle the assignments and her increased confidence, she still did not pass the prelims. This was a big disappointment, but I thank the teachers for not treating it as a setback at all. I was grateful for their continued attention to my daughter and steadfast confidence that the battle was not lost. The extra sessions motivated her to move on and try harder despite the prelim results. She was most thrilled to score a B in PSLE and is looking forward to rejoining your center this year.

Thank you

Nancy, Retired Primary School Teacher
Grandmother of Terell

I am happy and thankful to the teachers at Neuromath for helping Terell go from a D in Mathematics in March, to obtaining an A for PSLE.

He used to find Mathematics challenging and daunting. But after attending the Headstart Programme and the weekly lessons at Neuromath, he is now more confident, and is able to approach the questions using different strategies which he was not exposed to before attending Neuromath.

The teachers at Neuromath are very dedicated in their teaching and are here to help.

They have helped my 3 grandchildren; I am sure they can help others too.

My only regret is not sending them to Neuromath earlier!

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