The Brains Behind Neuromath
Norman TIEN


20+ years of successfully blending cognitive psychology in math training, with innovative and creative methods of teaching, helping thousands of struggling children leap from F to A. Norman has initiated multiple innovations in educational technology, diagnostic assessment, improving teaching pedagogy and learning delivery to students. He is a regular speaker at industry forums and media forums on the advances of technology in education and how developing math talents early grooms the future thinkers and problem solvers for the nation.

KHOO Eng Tat

Chief Technology Officer

14 years experience in research, innovation and product development. Former technical director of VR/AR companies. Hands-on experience in hiring, building and growing engineering and creative teams. Worked synergistically with business development team to formulate new product offering for industry verticals. Principal investigator and research lead. 12 years teaching and program development experience in engineering design, VR/AR, games, media art & entrepreneurship. Holds a B.Engg, MBA and PhD from NUS.

Jeremy TAN

Chief Curriculum Officer - Academics

Graduated from NTU with a Master in Education, Jeremy is a dedicated and highly qualified Ex-Math HOD and Chief Presiding Examiner for PSLE with 18 years experience in education. Jeremy believes in teaching Mathematics through innovative, engaging and motivating ways which has benefited and inspired thousands of students.

Vanessa ONG

Chief Curriculum Officer - Psychology

Graduated from NUS with a Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) majoring in Psychology, Vanessa was also trained in Neuro-Linguistics programming (NLP) and Cognitive enhancement. Together with 15 years of experience in teaching and curriculum design, she has enabled students to become better problem solvers and inspired them to develop a greater love for Mathematics.