Workshop Registration

● Submission of registration form does not guarantee a seat. Seats will only be allocated upon receipt of full payment.

● Neuromath Learning Centre Pte Ltd reserves the right to decline any application and to make reasonable modifications to the schedule, venue or other logistics related to the programme without prior notice.

● Neuromath Learning Centre Pte Ltd will not be liable for any injuries or mishaps during the duration of the programme.

● Neuromath Learning Centre Pte Ltd reserves the right to use the student’s image, written work, academic results and voice in newspaper, brochures, videos or other promotional materials.

● All fees are not transferable or refundable.

● There will be no refund of school fees if NeuroMath has to close in cases of riots, terrorism attacks and outbreak of contagious disease such as SARS.

● Lessons missed due to all reasons (e.g. school activity, medical reasons) are not replaced by refund. However, your child may attend similar lesson conducted on another day of the same week (subject to availability) or recorded video link of the lesson will be given.
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